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With Cuttermaran able you to get your videos easily in featured shape.



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Whether rolling videos or movie clips from the Internet: with Cuttermaran, you're easily and quickly in the form of each video. The freeware is suitable for beginners and advanced alike.

You record regularly with your camcorder or with your mobile? Then you know for sure lots of meets video material that you would like to show his friends, but it doesn't, because somehow lacking the finishing touch and so some scenes should be cut better. Of course you can get expensive and complicated software for this purpose, but also a small freeware called Cuttermaran could be the solution for you. This program allows you to cut your movies recorded in MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 directly and comfortably. Unwanted scenes fly out easily, several film clips can be seamlessly cut and thus a good film can be created.

A problem that you've seen already for many films, is a lateral distance between image and sound. In other words, the sound comes sooner or later than the picture actually required. You can solve this problem with Cuttermaran. Image and sound - if both tracks previously were split - exactly cut and are then continuously in sync.

Technically, Cuttermaran allows you very effective work. Your imported MPEG video files can be edited directly and must be not completely recalculated in connection, which can take several hours depending on the length of the film. "Just cut and ready" is finally possible, and that alone should already motivate you to make something out of your video footage. Cuttermaran runs on all computers running Windows 98 version. However, requires Microsoft .net Framework 3.5.

Description of the version: Cuttermaran

As usual provides an ideal tool you also the free version of 1.7 by Cuttermaran to cut your home-made videos or video files from the Internet and to edit. Some bugfixes were fixed in the current version, so that now it is possible to a still smoother work. Also, this version is now fully compatible with Windows 7. Of course, you can still insert the freeware on all versions of Windows from Windows 98. However, requires Microsoft .net Framework 3.5.

The most important properties of Cuttermaran 1.7

• Simple and free video editing software
Directly edit • MPEG 1 and MPEG 2
• Synchronous image and sound cut
• Runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 98

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