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With the software cut Assistant you can cut commercials from your recordings.



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Cut Assistant

Are you looking for a free program with which you can cut unwanted commercials from your film recordings made on the PC? Then you should familiarize yourself with the software cut Assistant.

If you often cut with TV shows on your PC, you know the problem with security: due to the long commercials are very large files that consume more space than would be necessary. But by using the freeware cut Assistant you can solve this problem. With her you can simply delete the unwanted parts of the recordings. So you can cut out in addition to the commercials also extended forward and outros - this shrink your files to a manageable size.

The program cut Assistant is suitable for those who use their PC not only for writing, surfing and playing, but also as a video recorder. It is on computers to install, are equipped with one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. The software download is quickly made, after all, the file has only one size 829,9 KB, saving you long waiting times before the screen. When cutting the video sequences cut Assistant referenced in the renowned video tools, such as MP4Box, VirtualDub and avidemux. You can either cut by hand or use the cutting lists to automatically delete.

Cut Assistant is in English, you shouldn't be so speak the English language, if you want to cut out the unnecessary minutes using this program from your footage. The structure and the menus are clear and concise, so that the operation is not difficult also newcomers to the PC. Helps the restrained colour layout, it allows quick and easy orientation.

Description of the version: Cut Assistant

The new version of cut Assistant is an important tool for those who often use their PC as a video recorder and want to delete annoying advertising blocks or pre-and outros of the recorded files. Like its predecessors, also cut Assistant 0.9.12 has to offer a quick download and an easy installation on your computer. You can cut out either the unwanted minutes or seconds by hand from the files or you are using the appropriate cutting lists for this.

Free cut Assistant software in the near future:

• Download to PC easy and quick
• Easy installation of the freeware
• Easy operability through well structured menu and clear layout
• Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista

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