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CTFMON-Remover removes the ctfmon.exe from your hard disk and makes your computer faster.



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The CTFMON-Remover got the name is program. The small tool searches for the program of ctfmon.exe that is pre-installed on all Windows systems, and consumes a lot of resources. With the CTFMON-remover, the often annoying program will remove easily.

On most PCs and laptops that run with a Windows operating system, the program of ctfmon.exe is active and runs permanently in the background without the knowledge of the user. This can be sometimes very disturbing, because the program requires a lot of memory and can slow down so other programs. The whole system runs slower then. The ctfmon.exe can be erased without problems, since most computer users don't need it.

The tool CTFMON-Remover developed by Gerhard Schlager will help you uncover the program of Ctfmon.exe on your computer. If the CTFMON-Remover discovered the program on your hard drive, you have the choice: with one click, you can permanently remove them from your hard disk. But caution! The ctfmon.exe is responsible for the language settings and the keyboard layout on your computer. If you switch back and forth between two or more language schemes and/or your keyboard layout, then you should not remove the program.

The CTFMON-Remover is free available on German. It is very simple and thus also very small in size. Its operation is simple and good. The program can find the ctfmon.exe effortlessly and remove; It can also no longer. Don't be but also, because it perfectly fulfills this purpose. Without much effort, as an often annoying program is removed from the hard drive and from the process list. This small change won't hurt the Windows operating system and results in no operation errors. But it has the great effect that reduces the number of running processes on your system and the computer is therefore more efficient. The other programs run faster and more stable. If you don't need the file, it can be quite reasonable to remove them completely from your hard drive.

Description of the version: CTFMON-Remover

The CTFMON-Remover is currently available in the second version. It can be downloaded in English, as well as in German language. The download is still free. The new version differs little from the old, because the main function of the tools has not changed and no other features have been added. Also, the tool in its design and operation has remained still very easy, what ensures a very low file size (109.5 KB) and a fast download.

Main features of CTFMON Remover

• The tool is free of charge
• The CTFMON-Remover is a Windows system utility
• It finds and removes the sometimes annoying file ctfmon.exe
• Download on German available

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