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CSS tab designer you can create CSS-based menus easily and without any programming knowledge.



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CSS Tab Designer

With the CSS tab designer you get you a solid, easy-to-use tool for creating menu on your computer. Its clean interface allows you to create an unlimited number of menu items, to call, and with the corresponding pages of your website to link - without programming knowledge. You design just the structure of the menu system as the creative head and name the individual points, on the technical implementation, but you need not to worry you. She takes over the CSS tab designer for you. He thus based elements, much like the pros on CSS-based.

Also to adapt to the look of your site, the CSS tab designer proves the advantages of its ease of use. To graphic design, a wide range of approx. 60 design templates available suits you. Among them, you can choose the design suitable to your page, and mapping to your design. Experimentation is expressly allowed it, the CSS tab Designer makes it easy for you. The HTML code generated by the CSS tab Designer is not readily manipulated. So you can test out carefree all possibilities of CSS tab designer and repeatedly change the final appearance of your menus on request. But you have knowledge of HTML, you can of course copy the HTML code from the CSS tab Designer in the Clipboard and continue to work with an editor. So are no limits to your creativity.

The CSS tab designer of company of Highdots works in the version CSS tab Designer 2.0 with OS Win 98/98SE/me/2000/XP/2003. His language is English, the file size 1.4 MB. The CSS tab designer free download on this page, install it on your computer, and then go! Have fun designing your professional navigation system.

The benefits of CSS tab designer at a glance:

• Easy creation of menus based on CSS elements
• With just a few mouse clicks intuitive interface
• Creation of an unlimited number of menu items
• Easy linking to the corresponding pages of your website
• Wide range of approx. 60 templates for graphical adaptation to your design
• No CSS knowledge required

What is this CSS generated by the CSS tab Designer?

CSS (cascading style sheets) is a language that allows in connection with HTML, to separate the content from the optical design of a website. About HTML defines only the structure and the content of the pages, but set the appearance in a separate CSS- or a linked external CSS file. Thus, the design can be quickly and easily change or specially adapted to different output media such as screen, printer and PDA. CSS was created in the mid-1990s through the collaboration of Håkon Wium lie and Bert Bos.

Description of the version: CSS Tab Designer

With the new and updated version of the CSS tab Designer, you can create menus for your website even easier way. Without any programming knowledge you can create a wide variety of menus quickly and easily with the new templates and simplified operation. On the basis of the texts that you want to appear in your Web page menu, your menu then give the desired layout and design.

Features of the new version 2.0 of the CSS tab Designer

• A total of 60 new and updated templates available
• Simplified, intuitive operation to create the menu
• Export of the created menu structure in HTML possible

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