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CrystalDiskMark found portable read / write speed of your PC.



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CrystalDiskMark Portable

The free program CrystalDiskMark, you can check portable easily the write and read speed of your hard drives. To do this you must not even install the software.

CrystalDiskMark portable is a small utility with which you can test the read and write speed of your hard drives. Several tests can be begin, and then to determine the exact data transfer rates of individual drives with just a few clicks. The software was brought out by PortableApps and is 1.1 megabytes big. CrystalDiskMark portable is free, and German is the language of the program.

To start the program, you don't need to install it, what the application speeds up and simplifies. The software tests the speed of the drives using three different techniques. She writes and reads data blocks who choose and set the size. The program reads the data of the order after or at random. The units include four and 512 kilobytes. The values the freeware finally determined the results and shows in a clear way they you. CrystalDiskMark portable offers you also interchangeable skins, with which you can give your personal appearance of the surface. You can copy the test results via Clipboard to other applications. Starting of the results the speed of your computer by using other programs can then optimize.

The freeware is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7. Because the software is mobile, you can simply save it on an external hard disk, a USB stick or an MP3 player and transport. You can use the tool for SSD hard drives.

Description of the version: CrystalDiskMark Portable

With the latest version of 3.0.1.a, you can quickly and easily determine the read and write speed of your hard drives. You must not install the software, but only get them going. The current version in a convenient table shows you the results. Depending on the desire you can also replace the user interface - the program offers different skins. In addition, it is possible to ship the software on an external hard disk, a memory stick or an MP3 player.

CrystalDiskMark portable: the main features of the current version

• Easy and quick review of the writing and reading speed of your PC
• Design of the user interface with a skin of choice
• Portability of software on storage media

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