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CrystalDiskInfo security about the State of your hard disk gives you at a glance



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CrystalDiskInfo reads the SMART values on your hard drive.

Just your thesis is finished and with a soft purr, the computer boots down and never more. A tragedy, it can prevent the. With the software tool CrystalDiskInfo, you're all SMART values at a glance.

How it works: you can you here CrystalDiskInfo download directly. The programme measures all SMART values your computer and renders it in a clear mask. Here you can see all parameters of your drive - the temperature via the interfaces to the technical data of your hard drive. In addition CrystalDiskInfo has an early warning system, if the values of your hard drive are in the critical area. The software requires a working device that features S.M.A.R.T. technology. However, this system is now installed in most drives. S.M.A.R.T. stands for self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology, and provides improved disk security.

Sure you know that. You have approximately 2,000 images stored on your hard drive and always forget to back them up to an external hard drive. Maybe are also valuable documents including that may be lost under any circumstances? Then precaution. CrystalDiskInfo shows early friends, if not more so your hardware. The clearly arranged menu box, you can see what's wrong with your hard drive, and fix it. At the same time, you can take advantage of the opportunity and back up all data on an external drive.

CrystalDiskInfo is simple and has a great advantage when it comes to it. For the uninitiated is displayed in the menu screen simply, how the hard drive, and the professional can find out specifically its parameters. You yourself can determine even the times, including the program to update.

Description of the version: CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo is security for your hard drive. The temperature via the interfaces, you have the complete hard disk analysis at a glance. All parameters are displayed in the clear mask. Top left is the State of the hard disk directly. You want to read for more details, you can refer the traffic light colors column chart. The program detects early possible hardware failure and points you to this. So you don't have no more fear that your hard drive is unexpectedly rushes off.

CrystalDiskInfo for safe hard drives

• Clarity about the State of your hard drive
• Simple and easy even for beginners
• Prevent data loss through early warning
• Cope with modern SSD hard drives

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