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The multiplayer of Crysis can be further improved with the Crysis wars - patch.



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Crysis Wars - Patch

Crysis is still one of the most popular precious shooters. You can now bring the game up to date with the latest Crysis wars - patch and fix some minor bugs in the older versions.

Crysis is a first-person shooter from the German game forge "Crytek", which already found international recognition with "Far Cry". The background plot takes place sea on a fictional island in the East China in the year 2020, where previously, an invasion of the North Korean people's army has taken place. You control the members of a team of U.S. special forces and have the task to free a group of prisoners there by archaeologists. Crysis wars is the multiplayer mode of the game, which you can use for common gambling with friends. This multiplayer mode also the Crysis wars - patch is version 1.5 which has now brought out to Crytek.

Whether with friends or alone - in a demanding game like Crysis, you have several ways to achieve the goal of the mission. You can hit you in action manner through wild battles or work with lists discreetly towards your goals. Especially if you and your buddies are action, the Crysis wars - patch is an essential extension, but otherwise it's worth, to install the patch. But even without the new Crysis wars - patch none features the game will complain most. Weapons and accessories are available in large numbers and also land, air and water vehicles, that you can control as a player, enrich the scenario of the action world. Technically, everything is also top. The CryEngine 2 offers all current 4.0 shader effects, volumetric clouds, a great vision, a seamless change day and night, sometimes interactive environment and soft drawn shadow.

Description of the version: Crysis Wars - Patch

The Crysis wars - patch version 1.5, which you can download for free here now, addresses a few minor bugs in the multiplayer mode of "Crysis Warhead". The patch is suitable for Windows Vista and Windows XP and requires 511,3 megabytes disk space. Including an improved weapon focus, new maps, and a different musical background are available. If you regularly hit with your friends, you should let this patch definitely not miss.

The most important innovations of the Crysis wars - patch 1.5

• Correct minor errors in multiplayer mode
• suitable for Windows XP and Windows Vista
• free download
• improved weapon focus
• new background music for even more fun

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