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After the Crysis - patch, the shooter is not only nice to look at, but is also still around.



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Crysis - Patch

With the first Crysis - patch, Crytek removed a few streaks on the mirror sight of his noble shooters. In Crysis 2: resistance in New York be actually desired. Player's heart beat faster.

After the steaming jungles of Crysis 1 it will take you into the bustling urban jungle. Crysis 2: Resistance in New York City is an urban classy shooter by your high-tech soldier rushes his opponents through urban canyons and high-rise roofs.

Eye-candy and cannon fodder
Dynamic time of day change, naturalistic play of light and shadow, atmospheric colour and razor-sharp textures - in the gorgeous graphics of Crysis - patch is mostly window dressing. The third generation of the in-house CryEngine is evident but not nearly as expensive as the comparable competition. Serves even the two previous versions in addition to DirectX 11 and protects your hardware where it just goes - this is no different to the Crysis - patch. The fully interactive and destructible environment and the hyper-realistic game physics make the playground of a crashing storm of action New York. Lifelike facial expressions, smooth movement animation, and the revolutionary KI make impressive and deadly opponents at the same time. If the challenge always still not enough friends, simply switch to the multiplayer mode and compete with your peers in the LAN or online. The latest Crysis - patch fixes the one or other inconsistency here.

A long way

Before Crysis 2 could develop its splendour, the Frankfurt game developer Crytek raged out only once properly. In 2004, the first warning sign appeared with far cry. On your own you hit you through the hell of a Caribbean island. When Crysis came on the market in 2007, you had to back into the jungle. Only this time, a high-tech suit turned you into a walking weapon. This principle now reaches its climax in Crysis 2. The urban action-shooter demands discipline above all friends in addition to tactics and skill - so you are stay not every time amidst the battle and talk about reflections in the window next to you.

Description of the version: Crysis - Patch

In version 1.2, the Frankfurt software development company Crytek of some leaks stuffs Crysis 2: resistance in New York City in his flagship. The first update, fixed several bugs in the PC version and cheating is significantly more difficult. If you want to enjoy truly accessible single - and multiplayer game fun with the flagship shooter from Germany, which is duty current patch. The manual download of the approximately 40 MByte of large package is recommended for all gamers, who have problems with the auto-updater.

The most important innovations for Crysis 2 after patch 1.2

• Repayment of various bugs
• Implementation of another anti cheat measures
• Elimination of known server and connection problems
• Improved compatibility with the G35 headset
• Special characters in player names now approved

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