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The Download Manager CryptLoad is especially useful if you frequently use one-click-hoster.



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A very useful Download Manager for one-click-hoster.

The Internet is a vast platform for the exchanges of data. However, downloads to prepare quickly trouble, when you must start again right in the Middle at very large files due to an occasionally interrupted Internet connection. CryptLoad remedy for these problems.

CryptLoad is not just a simple download manager, it provides helpful features and tuning options, which significantly increase the download rate of the user. If you are downloading files from one-click hosters like RapidShare, then you have to wait a while more often than not paying users, until the next download can be started. CryptLoad shorten this waiting time by temporarily disconnect the Internet and through the new registration with the provider obtains a fresh IP address you. Thus, you can download directly even if the hoster was just used.

The freeware is also useful when the Internet connection in the middle of a long download process is interrupted. Using CryptLoad you can easily continue from the download after the restoration of the Internet connection, without having to accept a damage of amount of already loaded data. The program will always enter of the CAPTCHA before the download operation, so you save valuable time and aggravation when the letters for the PC administrator were too vague.

Simultaneously loading of multiple files download time thanks to the CryptLoad tool reduces significantly, if the file is a ZIP archive, then you can let you unzip it with the Download Manager directly. If you want to use CryptLoad, then the .NET Framework must be 2 on your PC installed. CryptLoad is a very helpful tool that automatically handles many troublesome obstacles during the download process especially for frequent users of one-click hosters and other download sites.

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