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CrossLoop is an access software for remote control of PCs over the Internet.



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Provides access to the PC from elsewhere and the secure and free.

If you want to open files on your computer from a different computer or work with specific programs that are not on the hard disk of another computer, you can use CrossLoop on your home PC to access - anywhere in the world!

Hackers make bad things: you just on the computers of innocent people access, who have no idea or something with even. But sometimes you wish you sure you had the skills of a hacking experts, so that you even could access, for example, in the holiday a program or file that offspring, if you have another, but not your calculator before you. With CrossLoop is exactly you without any big problems possible, even if you do not have advanced programming and software knowledge. The free tool must be installed on both computers, so that you can access from one computer to the other. Only, you need to set a common and safest password which must be confirmed on two PC. After the verification, the desktop screen of the third-party computer appears, and you can work as usual with mouse and keyboard on it, even if they're not your own input devices.

There are many possibilities, providing such a link. For example, you can coordinate a joint project with a colleague or buddy from a computer. You can remote wait your PC with CrossLoop from anywhere in this world, as long as you have an Internet connection and another computer available. It is even possible to transfer files between PCs over the CrossLoop connection. The connection is encrypted with 128-bit and thus nearly impossible to crack, so you're safe even from the best hackers. CrossLoop is really interesting, if you are staying every day in the vicinity of your home computer, but whenever you want to know him.

Description of the version: CrossLoop

The latest version 2.75 of the access tools CrossLoop brings you some advantages not offered its numerous predecessors. For example, some features such as a "self test" and a remote access Manager have been added. Also, you can now better set on which areas to get access to your PC from other hosts. Finally some bugs and errors of the previous versions were lifted and the program structure improved, so that you'll not plagued by annoying crashes when you use the program.

The most important innovations by CrossLoop in the version 2.75

• New features such as self-test and remote Manager
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Improved program structure
• Better control of access restriction from other PCs

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