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CrazyTalk6 lets you create a movie in a short time, where you get doing photos to life!



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Imagine, your cat begins at a time to sing happy birthday or your two-month-old baby presents a Christmas poem at once! This is now possible with CrazyTalk6. With this program, you can let breathe life into images and photos with a few simple steps and they sing and speak. Simply import a photo of a person's head. The program CrazyTalk6 automatically detects the position of the eyes and mouth, the most important areas of the face, to communicate. Now the program CrazyTalk6 has focused eyes and mouth and you can move it freely. The eyes can wink and opens the mouth, so how you set it. So it not funny looks if no teeth appear, when the mouth opens, you can add teeth. Depending on how far you can be opened the mouth, the teeth are visible. To enhance the comic, you can fly individual notes or hearts from the mouth with CrazyTalk6 E.g. in funny songs.

Then, you can choose from a wide selection, what should be said or sung. CrazyTalk6 offers songs that are sung, or sections of text are spoken. CrazyTalk6 provides multiple voices available, which you can use. If you are not satisfied with all this, you have even the possibility to absorb myself in voices or vocal digital and to use them with CrazyTalk6. You can also work with colors and underscore the eyes, lips, cheeks and other places with other colors.

As a next step CrazyTalk6 friends possibilities offered, how you share can edit the face. You can't let the face in a variety of emotions with another feature of CrazyTalk6. With the help of eyebrows and corners of the mouth, your face can be sad, angry, happy, skeptical and be enlivened with many other layers of feeling. Also, it can be slightly left and right move the entire face, so that you have an amazing impression of three-dimensionality. Finally, you have a movie that you can make easily your own files to publish or send him.

The main uses of CrazyTalk6 at a glance:

• Learn the applications of CrazyTalk6 easily and quickly
• Import your own photos and images
• Let your photos come alive and speak or sing
• Hinterlege the song with musical accompaniment
• Import new round self lyrics
• Revive your photos with a variety of emotions

CrazyTalk6 system requirements:

CrazyTalk6 is installable on Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2 operating systems. As hardware, the Pentium IV 2 GHz or faster is recommended. Also, memory should be at least 512 MB.

Description of the version: CrazyTalk

The successor of CrazyTalk5 offers you the ability to create complete their own animated films. Up to four talking heads can act at the same time and your characters can move freely from various backgrounds. The face mask was improved, in addition is a 3D-Profilassistent available, facilitating the work. Equip your characters crazy hairstyles, horns, pointed ears - there are no limits to your imagination!

The new features of CrazyTalk6 at a glance

• Up to four animated heads can interact with each other.
• Improved face mask and 3D-Profilassistent.
• Animate crazy hairstyles, horns and ears.
• Send your characters in different scenes.

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