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Crazy machines new challenges has 103 new experiments and a new level editor.



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Crazy Machines - Die Erfinderwerkstatt

The inventor's workshop of crazy machines was industrious, and an extension of the strategy game series available, which challenges you to provides you with crazy machines new challenges. Crazy machines new challenges for the new games provides additional tools available in your laboratory. Crazy machines new challenges challenges your imagination and puts your knowledge of physics to the test. You must demonstrate your ability to combine, logically at crazy machines new challenges. Physical principles, such as for example the Newtonian laws, should be so not completely foreign to you, if you want to play crazy machines new challenges.

The usual graphically well implemented inventors workshop provides you with crazy machines new challenges. With your mouse or keyboard, you can move the individual test items. Also a mirror of the objects is not a problem with this new software. When you build of your test series, you must consider certain rules such as for example the fact that heat produces steam or pipes can carry gases without loss. This crazy machines new challenges puts you under pressure, because you have only a finite amount of time to solve the problem. If you succeeded, you can develop new tasks with crazy machines new challenges in your own laboratory.

The developer of crazy machines new challenges provide a free demo version on the Internet for downloading. This trial provides you 10 experiments, which are not included in the full version, free of charge. With a click on the button download, you can start the installation routine. A wizard guides you step by step through the installation. You must follow the instructions on your screen. Crazy machines new challenges works with the Windows operating systems, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The demo version download size is 40.3 MB. It is recommended to use a download manager.

The functions of crazy machines new challenges

• 70 new components
• 103 new experiments
• revised level editor
• new tools
• own development laboratory
• suitable for Windows and MAC

The history of development

Crazy machines is a series of puzzle, designed for single player, is on the market since 2004. 2004 70 new components were added with crazy machines new challenges, which include among other things a gravity generator, a robot, and a Zeppelin. Since 2005, the software on the MAC is usable and in subsequent years has already worked on enhancements and new features.

Description of the version: Crazy Machines - Die Erfinderwerkstatt

If you like tüftelst, you can do this with crazy machines - the inventor workshop now on the computer. The game introduces you problems you can solve by using different equipment. Told you about moving a box, you can start a chain reaction with pipes, gears, and soldering iron, which ends with the movement of the chest. In all experiments, physical and chemical principles are based. Bullets bounce off walls and heat expands.

The tasks can be solved with following principles

• Correct calculation of the impact angle
• A working simulation of gravity
• realistic representation of chemical reactions
• almost error-free calculation of concatenated reactions

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