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The virtual pen to the PC - bring the ball with Crayon Physics in the target.



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Crayon Physics

Every now and then they are found: small games, unimpressive at first glance and very innovative on the second. So also Crayon Physics, a puzzle game, the new way is to ban you as a player.

Do you want to be asked by a puzzle game since a long time? Then you can now download Crayon Physics and show how well you can figure.

In the software Crayon Physics, you can draw a red ball new ways with your mouse as a virtual pen to overcome chasms and hazards. You look on a surface that looks a little like graph paper, and as the name of the game implies, you can draw with a pen on it. However, you need to observe that a gravity system was programmed in this game. So once you draw something and it supported not by any pillars or similar, it falls so long, until it rests on the floor. Basically about Crayon Physics in the game, allowing a ball the way from A to B. That sounds simple, however developers have added of course the occasional tricky point, which will then take your brain cells. So, you can now consider what forms you can draw and should enable a preferably smooth progress the ball. Here you can draw any imaginable form. Ranging from circles of triangles and rectangles. It aims to reach a yellow star on the game surface.

The game forge, developed by Crayon Physics is known for her creative ideas and the new innovative games. These are usually not exactly exhilarating in scope and graphic, but impressively emitting a great individuality.

Description of the version: Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics has been published only in a version and not developed. This is not necessary due to the high quality of it was posted on the Internet so that you can activate creative. The program runs absolutely smoothly and very rarely gives you the opportunity to discover an error. Despite the hope that Kloonigames is a friends in the near future remains of course second version of the iconic game Crayon Physics can make available.

Features of the game Crayon Physics in version 1.0

• Innovative gravity system affects the entire game world
• The mouse acts as a digital pen in the game world
• Drawn elements behave totally real

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