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With CPUCooL, clocking is to monitor the temperature and much more easily.



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Whether it's new processor, overclocking, or general system monitoring: CPUCooL is prepared for all these tasks. A powerful tool is given with this tool you for all tasks relating to your processor.

CPUCooL is one of the most popular diagnostic tools for computer processors and everything connected with it. If you did to just a new PC or notebook to new friends and are still not sure whether the device realizes its full performance potential, you should not hesitate to have a look at CPUCooL. The tool offers everything you need to know about your processor and its most important specifications in a clear way. More includes also the number of processing cores, the temperature, the tension and much next to the clock.

Even when parent clocks of computer components, an in-depth analysis of the processor, memory, and motherboard for you is essential. CPUCooL detects the hardware components of all well-known manufacturers, can distinguish a variety of chipsets and architectures, and knows also to gather the most important data to your memory. This is affected by changes in the Systemtaktung and should therefore from you in addition to the processor itself fundamentally to be checked. CPUCooL is a major helper in the monitoring and performance of computer components. Heat problems and data storage should a thing of the past.

The development history of CPUCooL
The analysis tool CPUCooL is a development of the German programmer and graduate engineer tungsten podiums. The developer is responsible also for the program CPUFSB and could make a name for himself with his ideas and their implementation in the computer scene.

Description of the version: CPUCooL

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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