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The information tool CPU-Z provides all important data to the processor and its performance.



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The processor is a key component in your modern computer. Who you want to get out of this maximum performance, CPU-Z is a vital partner of which features with many functions.

CPU-Z is a useful tool for your computer, with which you can solve all questions around the processor, whose performance and utilization. CPU-Z knows all common and older models of the major processor manufacturers in their exact specifications, and can give you information about whether your system within the framework of the prescribed specifications is running or whether there is still potential for optimization. So, the software brings a large number of benefits you should know and use.

If you just put a new PC and you still not aware, if everything is working correctly, should your first focus on CPU-Z is directed. Check the stroke with your processor is controlled, how many CPU cores for your work with Windows and many software programs available to you and whether the temperature of the nuclei in a tolerable range is here. Also the voltage number is displayed here and many more, which are essential for the correct setting and checking the major processor.

Finally, CPU-Z is also an excellent partner when it comes to overclocking the processor and memory. This is a popular method of older components to get all power, what is hidden. If you have just overclocked your CPU, you should see to the menus of CPU-Z, what impact this has on your computer. Because the processor on the data exchange with the memory is assigned to, also displays important information about this.

Description of the version: CPU-Z

A number of additional processors are now recognized in the new version 1.57 by CPU-Z. So a further server processor in the list available is with Intel's Xeon "Westmere-EX", so that the tool can correctly display all this relevant information. Also new is support for Intel's new Sandy Bridge architecture: If your processor on one such new motherboard and socket should run, you may have to show you now the clock speed of the graphics card (GPU) installed already on the motherboard.

The most important innovations of the new CPU-Z 1.57

• AMD Zacate is supported
• AMD Ontario is supported
• Information on the TDP to the main page
• Report on the P67-stepping
• Report the H67-stepping
• Display the clock frequencies on the floating menu

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