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Counter strike 2D is the slightly different version of counter strike, but at least as exciting.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Counter-Strike 2D

After downloading and installing counter strike 2D it is necessary, is free of charge in the unreal software gamers network to register. For this, you need a valid email address to which your activation link will be sent. Click once and already you can get started with counter strike 2D. You need to make great settings. The most important input is in effect, whether you want to take part in an online game or locally or in the LAN play counter strike 2D.

You're all settings for counter strike 2D in the options menu, in which you enter your player name and specify your Spraylogo. You can adjust the controls of counter strike 2D it according to your needs, the selected keyboard layout but makes sense and allows a fluid play. When starting a new game you must first select a team, in which you play. No team selection happened not much, except that you're wondering why nothing happens. The only note on the players who play counter strike 2D for the first time. Old hands as you surely know.

The perspective of counter strike 2D in times of 3D games is certainly some getting, but that's also the charm of the game with. Otherwise, you have all the possibilities available, you may know from the counter strike. In addition to the free game choose various missions in counter strike 2D, which is then to complete it. With the game to become acquainted, it is advisable in any case to complete only once locally a few free games or missions, before committing yourself using in an online game. For a first entry are information available, which you can access from the option menu. And try, you should also use the map editor counter strike 2D with which you can create easily your own maps you in any case. Start your first missions just after a download from our site, you can start by clicking on the download box.

Features of counter strike 2D:

• Shooter in 2D optics
• Counter strike clone
• Online and offline facilities
• Map Editor available
• Free freeware
• Different versions for Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7) or Linux or MacOS 10.3.9 +.

Background information on counter strike 2D

Counter strike 2D is a development of the unreal software from Germany. The game was downloaded more than 1 million times down and enjoys great popularity. The unreal software has more games on offer, which all function as 2D games. In addition to other fighting are also skill games including, making at least as much fun.

Description of the version: Counter-Strike 2D

Known bugs are now fixed and played in the new version.

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