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CornerChaos is a strategy puzzle in which you bring colorful balls on a sloping pitch.



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The rules of the game of CornerChaos appear at first glance to be quite simple. You need to bring together four or more same-colored balls at CornerChaos. As soon as these balls touch, they disappear from the playing field and make room for more balls. However, CornerChaos has a built-in handicap: the playing field on which you need to place the balls, is to the middle in slope. This makes placing the balls harder, the more colours are available. A good combination of fortune and the planning ahead, what balls you need to put on which corner on the playing field to get ahead are an important prerequisite for this game.

At the beginning of the game, the balls appear first in five different colors. A surface on which you have to set the balls is located at each corner of the playing field of CornerChaos. CornerChaos can automatically roll your balls in the middle of the game board by the sloping playing surface. Meet at least four same-colored balls, they disappear automatically and CornerChaos offers you more balls. As long as fields are free on the game board, the game goes on. Only if CornerChaos realizes that you can discard any other balls, the game is over. CornerChaos sends more colors with each newly obtained level to increase the difficulty. You have to think ahead so closely, to solve each level. CornerChaos a leaderboard is integrated, in which you can enter you accordingly reached the point number. This strategic puzzle brings you much fun.

If you want to try CornerChaos, you can download now the free trial you. Just click on the download button, and in a few moments, you can let the balls roll. The free trial allows you a playing time of 60 minutes and has fewer features than the paid full version. The strategy puzzle is designed so that you can immediately play it without special instructions.

The functions of CornerChaos

• sloping playing field
• increasing requirements
• ease of use
•built-in leaderboard
• free trial
• small download size

System requirements and download

CornerChaos is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista. The strategic puzzle without problems cooperates also with Windows 7. The size of the download file for the test version with limited capabilities and limited game time is 1.7 megabytes and does not burden your system resources.

Description of the version: CornerChaos

The latest version of CornerChaos brings you pure puzzle game fun. Create color and blow you through many levels of different difficulty levels. The whole thing there is now no time limit, so you can play at your very own pace. The control is even easier and provides for even more fun in each age group. CornerChaos is available in the latest version for Windows and Mac.

The latest version of CornerChaos at a glance:

• Puzzle game fun with the colorful balls on various levels.
• No time limit: game at your own pace.
• Easy to use for even more fun.
• For Windows and Mac available now.

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