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With the Corel Painter, you can be artistically active in your digital art Studio.



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Corel® Painter™

The Corel Painter holds digital libraries for you. In these digital libraries you will find painting tools, photo collections, patterns and paper structures. The Corel Painter distinguishes between dry and hard media. For the dry media stand pencils, chalk, markers, and even feathers available in the library. So you can generate, according to how fast you're the spring, thick or thin strokes for example with the spring. The slower you will lead the spring, the stroke is the wider. But also for the control of hard media are many brushes available in Corel Painter. Here, you can create many variations, create customizable profiles, and see your result in the preview. The polygon selection and the magic wand with the rectangular marquee tool in Corel Painter, it will be easy for you to implement your ideas.

The Corel Painter offers a unique art experience of the Wacom product line, the Cintiq Interactive Pen display with the Intuos pen tablet. You can imitate the interaction between color and canvas realistically with these tools in the Corel Painter. The digital painting allows the implementation of creativity with a realistic brush. The result is an accurate time experience. In the Corel Painter, you can create your own brushes for structure and size. So be your own brush strokes and your works of art are absolutely unique. With the photo-painting tool in Corel Painter, you can turn a photo of your choice in a painting.

The individual color profiles as well as the optimized color detections for files in Corel Painter were imported by the software Adobe Photoshop. Through this you can achieve better colour. Even if you want to export files in Photoshop, you will need to make only individual corrections. The colors and layers are preserved. If you want to create overtones, you can do this with the customizable paper structures in the Corel Painter. You can select predefined paper structures, or you can create your own paper structures. The mixer palette for colors in Corel Painter can be arbitrarily enlarged. Mix your own colors together here.

Functions of Corel Painter

• Control hard and dry media
• Wacom support
• Color management
• Photo-painting tools
• Support for Adobe Photoshop
• Customizable brushes and textures

Information about Corel

The Canadian company Corel was founded by Michael Cowpland in 1985. Today there are offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and Germany. Corel developed graphic and Office software and revolutionized the market with its photo -, DVD - and video software products.

Description of the version: Corel® Painter™

The latest version of Corel ® Painter ™ offers some important and for the editing of images facilitating innovations. A color management has been integrated now, which will allow you to realize more detailed colour. Angle of inclination of chalks, springs, pins, or other writing media can be adjusted by you and realistically interpreted by the software and visualized. The color palette is now size changeable, so that you can better access to the tool.

The most important innovations in the current version of Corel ® Painter ™.

• Color management for better colour is new.
• Import Photoshop files was optimized.
• Realistic representation of so-called dry media.
• Improved UI for more user comfort.

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