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With core temp, you keep the temperature of your Intel or AMD processor right in the eye.



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Core Temp

With core temp, you can easily determine the core temperature of your processor. With the logging feature, you record the heat for longer periods of time and compare the recorded data.

Accesses the program core temp to determine of the core temperature of the main processor on the so-called digital thermal sensor (DTS) – This provides very accurate information about the current temperature of the CPU. You are able to respond to avert damage from your computer the heat inside your computer exactly in the eye to keep and if irregularities.

Core temp supports current processors from Intel and AMD, and emits the found results in a clear list form. The thermal sensors of modern processors are located directly in the respective processor core and there mostly close to the hottest spot. Because the values are stored exclusively digital, a software can show how core temp access them easily and you the user on the screen. Incorrect measurements are nearly excluded the direct reading process - you can track the temperature development with core temp in real-time on your monitor. You can see even more useful information about the installed processor cores in the core temp interface.

With the logging feature, you can also record the temperature developments over a longer period of time and then export in an Excel data sheet, to compare the results and to determine any irregularities. The usual temperatures during normal PC use between 60 ° C and 90 ° C - on modern processors an overheating protection is integrated frequently, which can automatically prevent serious damage due to excessive temperatures.

Description of the version: Core Temp

The current version core temp 0.99.8 has completely revamped settings options, aimed at making easier the use of the program you. Newly added to the programmers have a "hibernation" (hibernation) called function, which is supposed to protect the processor from overheating. Corrected the incorrect detection of some Intel processors, temperature settings have been revised and adapted to other processor types. The overall impression is rounded off with minor changes and bug fixes.

The new features of in version of core temp 0.99.8 Overview

• Completely revised settings dialog
• Operation has been greatly simplified.
• Hibernation function as overheating protection added
• Corrected faulty Intel processor identification
• Temperature settings have been adjusted
• Other small bugs were fixed

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