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Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German with your searching on the PC end. You know surely the situations where you're wondering: where have I saved only the MP3 file? In which file can I find the photo with the sunflowers? Program Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German, you must enter only the search term into the box and click on one of the categories, such as email, files, music, pictures, video, or contacts and already the software in an index seeks. Because Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German every time browsed the entire hard disk, search precedes extremely quickly. Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German working continuously in the background to create an up-to-date list of all characters, words, terms and rates that you have used. Best on the software is German Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - not searches file names - who does not know that they have forgotten this? - but according to content.

The program of Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German knows more than 150 different file formats and displays its results in a preview window. With Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German you can search document formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF or power point, just as e-mail messages or address books from Outlook. The following music files search Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German: MP3, WAV, WMA and video files AVI, MPEG, ASF, MOV. It is really fun to browse text from Word files, Excel workbooks or the texts of emails, or ZIP files, because with a single click, you can see the result. You are looking for E-Mails that have a PDF file as an attachment? And you know the approximate date on which you received the mail? Then, Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German, helps you to limit the search according to specific criteria.

You can free download Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German program.

Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German, other functions:

• Professional versions are subject to a charge
• Detailed search is integrated
• To download indexing takes some hours or days
• Results in fractions of a second
• Preview images, videos and graphics files
• Web search is integrated

System requirements for Copernic Desktop Search 3.2.3 - German

The software is compatible with the operating systems Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 your computer should a processor of at least RAM 256 MB have. The file size is eight megabytes. If you've downloaded the program, it required some time to record all files stored in its index. It takes several hours or more, because the software about creating 5,000 files per hour. It is finished with this task the program at that time continues to work, but so that your computer is not overloaded.

Description of the version: Copernic Desktop Search

The latest version of Copernic Desktop search is a search program which you can search your computer for files. You will find music files, documents, photos, and video. In addition, she can locate Outlook Express emails and contacts in your and browse the Favorites and the Chronicle in the Internet browser. In contrast to his predecessor, this software has much better compatibility with Windows 7.

Overview of the most important functions of Copernic Desktop Search 3.4.0

• Compatible with Windows 7
• Improved search of Outlook Express
• Detailed criteria for the search keywords, creation date and file size
• Display the search results in a clear preview

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