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Copernic Agent Basic 6.11 is a comprehensive meta-search over several Web search engines.



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Copernic Agent Basic

After the installation and setup of Copernic Agent Basic 6.11, you have a desktop application that searches the various search engines for the desired terms. Currently you can use this Basic 6.11 agent with Copernic up to 13 search engines. For individual searches, you can change the selection and also for the same search to compare the results of the individual search engines. While the search runs, you get the status of search queries for each search engines on the left side of the screen. The list of results within Copernic Basic 6.11 you can sort from then agent according to various criteria, by default assumes the relevance of the results for the search term as a criterion.

All carried out searches and the results of each agent are listed you in the main area of Copernic Basic 6.11. You can organize all searches in own folders, so the Copernic search Basic 6.11 agent find faster again, as if they are just a big list. This list can you even sort and provided with notes, but since in the course of just one day gather a lot of searches, which is rapidly cluttered. If Copernic Basic 6.11 then that took desired page you can agent you this just double click in your default browser to open. Alternatively, you can set also any other browser, the websites should open with the Copernic Agent Basic 6.11.

The search you may have inherently restrict Agent Basic 6.11 categories in Copernic. So you can search the whole Web, or you can focus your search on areas such as "The Web on the German" or social media. The possibilities are endless with the free version already, best you try it myself once! You can watch Copernic Agent function here download Basic 6.11 of the download on our Web page and test. The trial version has a limitation on the number of categories that cover all the important areas. So just go search!

Features of Copernic Agent Basic 6.11

• Metasearch engine
• Storage of search queries
• Results will be opened in the Systembrowser
• German version available
• Freeware
• For Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Background information on Copernic Agent Basic 6.11

The Copernic Agent Basic 6.11 is a development of the Canadian software firm Copernic. The company focuses on the creation of tools to search for information on the local PC and the Internet. Focus is the meta-search, so the use of all available resources to find the best results.

Description of the version: Copernic Agent Basic

The latest version of Copernic Agent Basic can wait with some very useful and helpful new features. This software is a search engine for the Internet, you can make friends according to your own ideas and work. For example, the automatic removal of dead links or logging your search requests in the appropriate folders is new. In the search results your keywords are highlighted now also automatically.

The most important innovations of the current version Copernic Agent Basic

• Improved user interface for a higher overview
• Possibility of preview of Web pages
• Save the search orders in predefined categories
• Keyword highlighting in results lists

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