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Conti FtpServer is your computer to a fully functional FTP server.



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Conti FtpServer

Conti FtpServer was specially developed for users who have no knowledge of programming or computer science. Conti FtpServer is easy to use and gives you a lot of options. So you can access at home with Conti FtpServer for example from your workplace on your computer or you can easily deploy files to download for others with Conti FtpServer. If you want to for example the slideshow from your last vacation for your friends on the Internet as a download, you have the ability to do that with this program.

Once you've started Conti FtpServer, your computer works immediately as an FTP server. You have the possibility to set up different user accounts with passwords and certain shares or access rights in Conti FtpServer. Conti FtpServer offers you also the possibility to create anonymous accounts, which come out without a password. For all these settings in Conti FtpServer, each simply mouse click. Conti FtpServer dir displays the IP address and so you can access without additional settings from outside your PC. In this FTP server only with the minimum necessary functions is equipped, but still fully functional.

Conti FtpServer is available as freeware for free download here. If you want to appropriately so convert your computer, you should now click on the download button. A Wizard guided you through the installation process. The necessary settings are explained step by step during the installation. You can't make any mistakes so also in establishing the individual user accounts and distribution of access rights and shares if you adhere to these instructions. The installation is complete in a few minutes and you can now deploy files to the download without big effort on the Internet.

The functions of Conti FTP server

• Ease of use
• Various user accounts
• Password
• Anonymous accounts without a password
• Different access rights and shares
• Free software

System requirements and download

Conti FtpServer corresponds with the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows ME, and Windows XP. The download size of the free software is 1.3 megabytes, and load your system resources as well as not so. The program is fully functional after you set up the user accounts.

Description of the version: Conti FtpServer

The current version of the Conti FTP server can come up with some very useful new features. With the simplified user interface, you can access now clearer on the loaded files and peeking out of the Office in your home folder. You can allocate your files of course also be able, you need to show only the appropriate user accounts with the respective access rights, and then configure.

The most important innovations in the current version of Conti FtpServer

• simplified user interface with self-explanatory icons
• optimized function facilities for better overview
faster upload programming •
• Creating user accounts with facilities of access rights

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