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If you want to be creative and create your own pictures: context free art.



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Context Free Art

Context free is a freeware that you can use to create simple and also more demanding graphics excellent. Using a simple programming language, you will learn very quickly, you can create complicated graphics. Just a few simple text commands are necessary - context free art for you does the rest.

If you want to create a simple image with context free art, then you must type usually only a few command line for this. What commands there are and when you can use which command, that you will learn with the software very quickly. Generally, with a corresponding command, you can change a wide range of basic shapes and multiply, until a form comes out, that corresponds to your imagination. Here it is: much try out, because context free art has to offer you many features and options. You can let your creativity run so free and play with the different forms. There are also keyboard shortcuts, with which you can add colors and backgrounds.

If you've opened the context free art's main window, you can enter your text commands in the left column there. When you select the function "render", the current form of the graphic appears in the right pane of the surface of context free art friends, that you have created with your text commands. So, you can check in between whatever which changes trigger your commands to the graphics. Context free art offers but also suggestions and help in the form of numerous example graphics.

Context free art - the most important features at a glance

• Graphics by text commands
• simple programming language
• Edit shapes and colors
• little space required
• Operating system: at least. Windows 98
• Freeware

Context free art - trivia and wallpapers

Here, you can download the software context free art with us. You need to simply trigger the download and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. In a few moments, you then have the software on your computer. And already you can get started! Context free art installed the Microsoft package C++ (Visual Studio 2005) on your PC. This program is freely available and can be used free of charge. To install context free art on your computer, you need operating system Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. The file has a size of 3.8 MB.

Description of the version: Context Free Art

Context free art in the 2.2.2 version allows you to generate simple graphics programming shortcuts in C++. The latest version has more features and graphics parts to choose from, so that the images can be made more interesting. On the website of the program, there are also hints and assistance for programming effects in version 2.2.2, also fixed some bugs and errors of the previous versions.

The most important changes of context free art in version 2.2.2:

• Works also on Windows operating systems (and Windows Vista).
• New and updated features for a better graphic design.
• Have been largely corrected errors and bugs of the previous version.

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