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Gräme Compi you not 2.0 is an interesting virtual counterpart of the famous board game.



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Compi gräme Dich nicht

Compi gräme you not 2.0 is man Ludo you not the alternative to the well-known board game. Whether at home, with friends or on vacation, Compi gräme you not 2.0 there is now a new 3D version for Windows with many features. A special feature here is that you can continuously change the game board in the size. The game is also networkable. So you have the possibility of Compi gräme you not 2.0, to play with other players in other countries. Still, there is the possibility of choose from four different variations (including the classic pitch).

At Compi, not 2.0 gräme you up to four players can actively participate in the course of the game. You gain a client/server network module for up to four Internet/LAN player. You can run your moves on a real 3D-Spielebrett with bouncing figures (DirectX 9 is required). Also, you can use a high score table with fifteen entries as well as a player stats for each player. All moves makes you and your teammates are at any time can be saved. So the winner can be determined at a later date.

Compi gräme you not 2.0 you can download easily, easily and quickly here. Click on the download button, and Compi gräme you not 2.0 is installed on your computer in a short time. You then start Compi gräme not 2.0 for a great 3D-Spielabenteuer.

Many functions at Compi gräme you not 2.0:

• Virtual gaming experience.
• Man Ludo you not in 3-d.
• A 3D game board with bouncing characters.
• High score table with fifteen entries.
• Integrated player statistics.
• Optional sound effects.

Not 2.0 gräme you system requirements for Compi

A 486 MHz processor is a prerequisite here, to Compi, not 2.0 to launch gräme you. There should be a graphics card with 640 x 480 pixels and 256 colors. As the operating system is Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. A sound card is to Compi not 2.0 gräme you no prerequisite is however recommended for a successful gameplay. A hard drive with at least 10 MB is required free disk space. For the 3D-Variante of Compi, not 2.0 gräme you a processor with 1 GHz or more is recommended. Still, a graphics card that is 3D capable with 16-bit colors, should exist. Operating system is Windows 2000 or XP is required. DirectX 9 should be installed as well.

Description of the version: Compi gräme Dich nicht

Compi gräme you not brings you a great, updated version of the popular board game directly on your PC. Great: The latest version of the classic of game is now fully Vista compatible. A significantly improved 3D view with many new options also ensures more fun for up to four players. The scores and leaderboards are no longer stored in the folder, but are fully visible: so you always know who has the nose front.

Compi gräme you not in the latest version

• Full Vista compatibility
• Fun for you and up to three of your friends
• Improved 3D view
• Different settings for an individual view
• Display of the scores and leaderboards

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