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Experience the epic story, enjoy the graphics and save the world with the command & Conquer 3 - patch.



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Command & Conquer 3 - Patch

A new patch is released for the third part of the popular and groundbreaking real-time strategy series: the command & Conquer 3 - patch. As usual you got it here with a huge story, outstanding graphics and liquid gameplay to do.

The first game in the command & conquer series has been published in 1995 and thus gave the go-ahead to the still-running success story of real-time strategy. And each of the command & conquer games had a compelling story and could redefine the standard for real time strategy. The excellent story of the third part, nothing changes through the command & Conquer 3 - patch: the action takes place in the year 2047, Tiberium covers a large part of the Earth, making them uninhabitable, and aliens of the new breed of "Scrin" threaten the rest of the world still remained. And the fate of the world is - once again - in your hands. Additional HD-video sequences complete the game and tell the rich and epic story.

Also with the command & Conquer 3 - patch remains simple and intuitive control. At any time, you have full control over your units and your production and technology building. And with the modern sidebar interface yet every time you an overview of what is happening on the scene of the fight. But look out: each of your actions can have a decisive impact on the course of the war.

Also, the graphics of the game is convincing and shines through the 3D graphics and the new engine, which allows very detailed units and structures. Many laser weapons and bright green Tiberium make the look varied and modern. Even dynamic weather changes have been incorporated into the game, and can affect the course of the game. Since the new command & Conquer 3 - optimized patch your game and brings up to date, you should not hesitate and quickly download it from you.

Description of the version: Command & Conquer 3 - Patch

With the new command & Conquer 3 - patch, much emphasis is placed on fixing various bugs in the game. So, for example some graphical errors, logic errors and control issues could be resolved. Also in balancing, much was rectified by some units changed the cost, speed or health factors. The patch is approximately 265 MB size, can be downloaded for free and makes the game balanced and adds some good elements to it.

List of innovations by the command & Conquer 3 - patch

• Various bug fixes, particularly for the control
• Changes for better balancing
• New of multiplayer maps
• Modified user interface, for example new possibilities to the hotkey assignment
• New graphical effects

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