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Comfort keys allows launching applications using the defined hot keys.



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Comfort Keys

Comfort keys makes it possible for you to set shortcut keys for unlimited applications. Start a program, open a Web site, or insert defined text blocks: with comfort keys you can facilitate considerably your everyday computer friends. Comfort keys is available in different languages available. Once you have installed comfort keys, you can get started.

Depending on which application you use frequently, you can assign it to any quick button and reuse them later. For this, it doesn't matter, in which program you currently are. Also the launch of specific actions is not a problem. So can you for example changing your computer's volume, the sound or turn off, open the control panel and even the computer restart or shutdown. Inserting records up to entire blocks of text works just as easily. You submitted an E-Mail or a signature, you can insert the desired text modules with the specified hotkey. You can enter even passwords with a simple keyboard shortcut. Comfort keys will show you the programs you currently have open and which applications were last started. Using the on-screen keyboard comfort keys, you keep getting an overview over your set shortcut keys. Your used hotkeys, you can at any time change and remap. Also the locking buttons is possible.

You can download comfort keys in different editions. The tool comfort keys is there in the Lite and Pro version, are both subject to a charge. If you're still not sure which is right for you, then you can try comfort keys free for 30 days and convince yourself of the various functions.

The features of comfort keys at a glance

Create • quick keys
• Manage text modules and paste
Start programs •
• Sites open
• Insert the passwords
• Free trial

History and development

Comfort keys developed by the company comfort software group and runs under the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 comfort software group was founded in 2006 and has focused on the development of software products, aimed at facilitating the users working at the computer. Comfort keys was programmed not only for private users, but also for larger companies.

Description of the version: Comfort Keys

The current version of comfort keys offers a variety of features you get recurring keyboard input with a single button. In addition, you will receive an on-screen keyboard with colored buttons design, a Clipboard Manager, as well as a boilerplate Manager that is through an integrated voice tool able to automatically translate the text into another language. The selected language and keyboard layout are displayed conveniently on the screen.

Features of the new version of comfort keys

• Automation tool for Windows
• Open programs or Web pages with only 1 click via hotkeys
• Display the hot keys on an on-screen keyboard
• Advanced clipboard — previous entries are retained
• Text modules Manager for the recurring use of same text
• Language tool for translations

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