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CodecViewer 1.5 helps you determine which codecs on your system are available.



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To understand how works the CodecViewer 1.5, you should first know what means the word "Codec". It is a term that artificially was composed "Coder" and "Decoder" of the English words and this is reflected in the name of the program. A codec is a technique that encodes digital data or extract encoded. Refers to the direct conversion from one format to another when transcoding. CodecViewer 1.5 is able to track data and to make visible that were converted from one format to another. Error occurred the transcoding, CodecViewer 1.5 will find it and analyze.

Videos are often created as AVI files. On a normal DVD-player to play it, you cycle it generally in an MPEG format. CodecViewer 1.5 is able to show whether there have been problems with this conversion. Thus, CodecViewer 1.5 in order to modify certain AVI files or delete, to repair your video more or less puts you. A little background knowledge about what happens when producing a video, will help you to understand the functioning of CodecViewer 1.5.

At a video, one distinguishes between the audio and video format, that is, between the sound and the image track. To merge both, they will be converted in a container format. This file containers are usually AVIs. Here, the encoded data are combined and stored. CodecViewer 1.5 scans the data of the file container and finds out which possibly can be failed the encoding. Often, it can be played back a video therefore incorrectly because an incorrect codec was used. Detects CodecViewer 1.5, which codec is incorrect or if a codec is missing. Thus, you can fix the video.

CodecViewer 1.5 in your application

• Freeware
• Prerequisite 486-er processor
• helps to find codecs
• tracking data
• Converts data
• repair videos

System requirements, advantages and disadvantages

CodecViewer 1.5 is a program that was written a long time ago. You recognize that fact that the minimum requirements for the system in a 486 processor are located, today nobody uses. CodecViewer 1.5 was programmed in VBE (Visual Basic runtime). Since 2001, the program was no longer maintained. Still CodecViewer 1.5 can be a great help, because it is a simple program that requires no extensions.

Description of the version: CodecViewer

The latest version 1.5 of CodecViewers has been supplemented with many new codecs, so you can play even more AVI files without problems. Errors, such as bucking or distorted audio tracks, be avoided in the new version 1.5 this, that the CodecViewer quickly and easily shows you which codecs you need to play. In addition, the UI has been improved, allowing new users to quickly manage find.

The new features of the CodecViewer 1.5 Overview

• Integration of a variety of new codecs
• Shorter time to determine the necessary codecs
• Improved Benuteroberfläche for easy handling

CodecViewer 1.5 unknown codec codecviewer codec view view codec view codecs view installed codecs view installed codecs windows 7 ip1 codec unknown codec to view avi files codecviewer

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