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Cobian backup allows a reliable backup of several computers.



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Cobian Backup

Without backup, threatens the data region, and who dispenses with a backup, is playing with fire. As lost and unsaved data, especially personal photos or even emails, usually does not recover and are lost. Cobian backup helps here.

Backup and restore are important functions for every computer user. Who more ever not had access to its data, know how important is a backup of stored information. And this is true not only for companies, but also to private users. A free solution offers you the backup of cobian program, which is available as freeware for Windows XP and Windows 2003 and 2008 Server.

The program can be used on multiple machines in both locally for the backup from only one computer in the network. By the German surface operation is very easy and clear to understand so you no expert need to be, to use Cobian backup. First you select during the installation, how you want to use Cobian backup. For backing up a computer, the option of "Program" is, on more than one computer you select "as a service". To access the other computer, you need to "The following user account using the menu item" select under "Service options" and enter the appropriate access data.

You configure regular backup of data about the menu item "task |" New task". In other settings, you specify under "General" then the option "incremental" "Backup type". Cobian backup for the first backup saves the entire contents, while a further backup only the changes and the new files are backed up. More menu items you specify then the desired location and the backup intervals.

Description of the version: Cobian Backup

Cobian backup is an easy to use freeware that allows a reliable backup of one or more computers. The software works under Windows with an incremental backup, this means that after a first full backup, only new and changed files are backed up. With the new version 64-bit supported systems better than before, and the performance of the backup has been improved by 200 percent. Installation and configuration are used in simple.

Features of the new version of Cobian BAckup

• Improved support for 64-bit operating systems
• Speed improvement by up to 200 percent
• For Windows XP and Server 2003 and 2008
• Freeware
• German surface

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