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A translation tool for Skype messages.



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Clownfish für Skype

All chat messages of Skype translated into the desired language.

Skype is a great offer. The VoIP service connects you to the world. If you now come into contact with people who speak a different language, you can use clownfish for Skype and translate each word to you. The program is fast and a good way to bypass the barrier of foreign languages quickly.

The translation is done in real time and offers over 50 languages. Clownfish for Skype using translate services such as Google translate, Microsoft Live, or Babylon. In addition to the translation of the text, can clownfish for Skype friends the content also "read" - text to speech just.

Clownfish for Skype offers still lots of other great features. For example, a plugin to change your voice. Also a "Chatterbot" is integrated, which carries on conversations without you, when it will be too colorful.

Description of the version: Clownfish für Skype

The version includes all the features free and provides many fun extensions.

Clownfish für Skype Clownfish clownfish-fur-skype clownfish-fuer-skype

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