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  • Windows 2.2.0-31 | 2.1.2-43

Provides 1:1 copies of your hard drive.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 04.12.2013

Clonezilla (ISO-Image) (64 Bit)

Copies make with this application are 1:1.

With a few settings, copies of all files, directories, and even partitions can be created. Also Windows itself will be copied and can be restarted from the hard drive, without that it needs a new installation. The clone is also packed and can be secured to a desired device and then unzipped to.

Thus, Clonezilla is also a very good program, if the own hard drive has become too small and you want to move to the complete system. The application is fast and reliable. To use Clonezilla, you will need to install a program such as Nero to burn the ISO onto a blank disc then.

Description of the version: Clonezilla (ISO-Image) (64 Bit)

This version is only for 64 bit systems.

Clonezilla clonezilla-iso-image-64-bit

Screenshots: Clonezilla (ISO-Image) (64 Bit)

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