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CloneDVD copies movies and has numerous features to adjust the size of the data.



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With CloneDVD you can either copy all DVDs or optionally only the main movie or the Extras included on the DVD. The current version of CloneDVD 2, copy your favorite movies with great speed, especially at high reduction rates (footage from 2 hours in length), without compromising the image quality including. Thanks to the new transcoding technology, you can adjust the quality of the copy exactly on the available disk space. Language, subtitle, and camera are individually selectable for CloneDVD, so that you can decide where savings in the amount of data to be made.

Create a compressed copy of the high-quality original on only one DVD with CloneDVD or split the movie and use 2 DVDs to copy the entire movie in original quality. You can adjust the output size in CloneDVD. To compress, you keep the impact of your decisions on the quality of the copy with CloneDVD a quality indicator always in the overview. Create new title menu or just take over the original menu. Also the editing of individual chapters or sequences is possible with CloneDVD: exactly the chapter select with the preview of the video that you want to copy. Cut away extraneous parts such as the long closing credits, to save storage space.

Thanks to the simple interface you can get started immediately, without long reading instruction texts. With CloneDVD you can make your selection in the step-by step process, the wizard guides you through the process a film strip according to. CloneDVD does all the work for you and remembers your preferences, he suggests you again at the next application. As a professional, you can inspect the technical operations and watch during the transcoding bit rate and frame statistics.

More features and system requirements

• Removal of layer breaks
• Log window to display the current operations
• Exchange the pre-installed animations
• Display of film clips during the transcoding
• Supports the formats DVD + R / RW and DVD-R/RW
• Operating system: Windows 98 or higher

Copyright in CloneDVD

CloneDVD has been developed by the Swiss company elby (elaborate bytes AG). SlySoft has taken over some programs among which also CloneDVD from elby and further developed. The copy program may be legally distributed in most EU countries, also in Germany, and used, because copying protected DVDs is not possible and not hurt themselves strict intellectual property rights.

Description of the version: CloneDVD

The current version of CloneDVD improved handling of incorrect packet headers. The program saves you now also the settings of the "preserve menus" for the copied DVD titles. Also, some titles in title preview rendering problems have been removed. The known driver verification issue with the ElbyCDIO.sys file was also fixed. Also some small changes and improvements of the user interface have been made to allow you a still simpler and more comfortable dealing with CloneDVD.

Easy copying movies with CloneDVD

• Improved handling of incorrect packet headers
• Storage of the "preserve menus" checkbox
• Verification problem with the ElbyCDIO.sys fixed file
• Integrates various small improvements

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