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ClockGen you can download for free and use to overclocking your hardware.



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ClockGen allows you to influence the timing of your hardware itself. You should however have a little experience in dealing with your hardware and its technical possibilities. The software is available in English language, an English translation is not available so far.

ClockGen is a freeware tool, with which you can overclock your hardware. It is available in the basic version 1.05 in English for free download. The software is intended for experienced users but and works both Athlon and Pentium systems in the 32-bit or the 64-bit version. While the changes are applied automatically by ClockGen in real time, without that you don't have to restart your computer. Before you make yourself at work and using ClockGen, you should back up all relevant data on your hard drive. You can now start ClockGen and gradually increase the FSB clock of your hard drive. To do this, you use the slider integrated in ClockGen. Make sure that you move within the target by about ten percent growth rate.

Should you encounter instability after using ClockGen, you can restore just the previous frequency. You should save them then, so that everything runs again without problems. Before you can use ClockGen you have you convinced that your Board supports this software. If you are missing the necessary information, you will find all the information you need on the your hard disk manufacturer page or on one of the major search engines on the Internet. The download file is zipped, so you need to have an appropriate unpacking program, if you want to use the software.

You can use this freeware tool, if your computer has one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server or Windows Vista. The download size is about 0.3 MB and does not burden your system resources. A simple click on the download button is enough and within a very short time you can affect the technical capabilities of your hardware itself.

Description of the version: ClockGen

The basic version, which suits you as a free software download available is the version 1.05 of ClockGen. You have the ability to change the frequency of your hardware with ClockGen. If you want to overclock your hardware, you should take a backup first. Then, you can run ClockGen and gradually increase the frequency slider. Your system is unstable, then you can easily undo the changes and return to the previous frequency. ClockGen is in English and zipped available.

Requirements for working with ClockGen

• Works with Athlon and Pentium systems
Comfortable with the slider progressively change frequency •
• Return to previous clock rate possible
• Data backup before using make

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