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With your new clock screen saver 1.61 you no longer lose time out of sight.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011

Clock Screen Saver

The new clock screen saver 1.61 appears on your screen, if you don't use your computer for a few minutes, for example, if you even are not in the coffee break at your workplace. Thanks to the clock screen saver 1.61 so no colleague can look secretly more on your screen while you're not there.

You can set the clock screen saver 1.61 in many options yourself. For example, you choose the appearance of the clock screen saver 1.61 first and foremost. This is available as analog clock or as two possible versions of the digital clock. Then, you select the colors for the clock screen saver 1.61. You can provide the background, like every single pointer with a different color. To give the correct portion to appeal the 1.61 clock screen saver, you can build various effects like effect, in which the seconds hand at every second light on the glow - and after glow. So you can transform your personal clock screen saver 1.61 to a stylish screen saver.

The glow effect makes your clock screen saver 1.61 a real eye-catcher. In addition, you also the possibility to accompany your pointer with sounds. As you like, 1.61 sounds imported you can play the clock screen saver. Every hour, every minute, or every second. So you can make for example your favorite song on the time when your working time ends and so you start in a good mood in your work. Always, when the clock screen saver 1.61 task, you can change small but important details such as the size of the display or the additional display for the current date.

The functions of clock screen saver 1.61 in the overview:

• Three different clock images possible
• Size and position of the watch is individually adjustable
• Individual colour design
• Added option to display the date
• Screen saver with glow effects
• Sound effects for each individual pointer possible


Clock screen saver 1.61 is a freeware available in the Internet and is compatible on all Windows based computers.

Description of the version: Clock Screen Saver

Give your screen a little break with the new clock screen saver. An analog clock on the screen reliably shows you the time and now the date on request. Now brand new: The color of the pointer can be set individually. A great glow effect makes for an even better and more pleasing look. With the latest version of the clock screen saver, you always know what time it is.

The new clock screen saver at a glance:

• Color of the pointer you can now individually set.
• A large colorful analog clock shows not only time, but also date.
Great new glow effect for even more pleasing appearance

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