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Clickster is a program for music lovers. Clickster enables you easily to search for MP3 files on the Internet and to download. As concerns Clickster MP3s that are hosted on Web servers, you can expect with download speeds, make the P2P networks in the shade. With currently more than 150 million titles, which constantly become more, Clickster can locate the music for you, that you really do want to hear. The good news here is, there are no dead links.

Clickster is a secure and comprehensive alternative to P2P networks and torrents according to the manufacturer. It is safe because it will download only MP3 files, and therefore it is not possible to download accidentally infected files of other formats. In addition, it is safe, because you're no files for other users on the Internet offering with Clickster - an essential difference to popular P2P networks.

The actual search is doing very simple. The simple and easy to use interface, you can quickly search your favorite music in the input box and quickly find the MP3s. A song title or artist in the input area type and click on "Find" - immediately Clickster crawl the net after money, according to the entered terms. Clickster shows the full URL of each track by clicking on the Info button, and this can be it useful to embed the songs in the personal playlist or Web site.

Using the Info button, you can also see whether the file is a legal or illegal file. The integrated MP3 player with Clickster enables to play an MP3 file, without having to download them first. Thus, you can first listen to the song and then decide whether you like it and whether you want to download it. In addition, you can rip songs from over a thousand Internet radio stations with Clickster and download songs from MySpace pages. If you like on the road listening to music, you can download the MP3s directly on your MP3 player with Clickster.

• Ease of use
• Quick search
• Faster download MP3s directly from servers
• Free download of the program
• Start the program without installing it
• Listen to music without downloading it

Quick and easy start
It is also possible to start Clickster, without having to be installed from a USB stick - this makes the application easy and straightforward. Only one of the operating systems Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista must be installed on the computer.

Description of the version: Clickster

With the new Clickster you can use more sources for songs on Internet servers for the legal music download. The operation of the program has been improved in the new version, so that a convenient and intuitive user interface available to you. Also has errors and bugs of the previous versions largely resolved, and the safety standards of Internet search increases or updated to Clickster is more stable and safer.

The most important innovations of Clickster in version

• Enhanced capabilities and revised control for easier use
• Fixed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Increased safety standards for the privacy of the Internet search
• More servers are available as source is available

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