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Click Musicalkeys invites you to make music and recording with many different instruments.



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Click MusicalKEYS

Click Musicalkeys allows you to play piano in a very simple way. The program pops up a piano keyboard with the corresponding keys of your keyboard to operate. Since the program in English, some keys are reversed like for example "Y" and "Z". Since this is but only the name of the keys, whose function is maintained. After downloading and installing both go fast, you can start from the start menu click Musicalkeys. The program group is Bapuli it appropriately, after the name of the developer.

In addition to the onscreen keyboard, you can find two round buttons in click Musicalkeys. One is marked with "Record" and the other "Instrument". Under the keyboard is displayed left friends, what instrument is just set, and at the bottom of the main window you will find a ScrollBar. This is however not intended, to show the length of the recording, but another way is to select the instruments. By corresponding clicks on either end of the scrollbars, you change the selected instrument. However, it is easier just to use the button "Instrument" at click Musicalkeys. Then opens a window in which you can select each of the 128 available instruments. In addition to various piano types are also brass instruments and some crazy-sounding tones. So, you can select, for example, "helicopter", can hear these fly but only if you hold down the a button on the keyboard. Or how would it be with a bagpipe or a banjo?

All of the pieces played by friends you can click Musicalkeys by clicking 'Record' record and save in a .wav audio file. The Save dialog appears of click Musicalkeys, as soon as you end the recording by pressing "Record". Click Musicalkeys is fun and invites you to experiment. But just try it, and download click Musicalkeys here from our site via the download function.

Features of click Musicalkeys:

• Piano emulation
• Make music keyboard
• 128 Instruments to choose from
• Is able to record the music played
• Freeware
• For Windows 2000 and XP

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Click Musicalkeys is a development by Prakashatma Mishra, pseudonym Bapuli. He is an Indian software developer and programmed the various programs and applications since his school days. Click Musicalkeys was one of its first programs.

Description of the version: Click MusicalKEYS

Do you like music? Then you should try click MusicalKEYS. On a piano keyboard, you will have access to 128 different musical instruments, you can play all over the keyboard. From the classical piano about a wide range of guitars and stringed instruments to instruments like oboe you can play all instruments try and record your songs and then again play.

Features in the current version of click MusicalKEYS

• Provides you with 128 musical instruments.
• Are playable via an on-screen piano keyboard.
• Played pieces can be recorded.
• There are pianos, string and pluck - instruments to choose from.

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