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With Clearerzoom, you can change the size of images without noticeable loss of quality.



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Zooming of images usually resulted in a loss of quality. Since digital images of pixels are built, each enlargement leads to a coarser grain size of the image. Clearerzoom makes the difference here. The program can be changed as image viewer, as well as to change the size of an image. The change in the size of can are in both directions, that is, a picture can with Clearerzoom increases are both reduced. The program is unbeatable for the image enlargements. The size change can both absolutely in PPI or PPCM or be given as a percentage. This happens continuously in both cases, so that a new image in any size can occur as a result.

Changes in the size of Clearerzoom in stores so that you like in a photo album images forwards and back again can call and see you. The same applies to multiple images in a directory. Once one is loaded Clearerzoom can load the next image in the same directory by pressing a button. In the options, you can thereby determine whether Clearerzoom size changes to keep the relationship. You turn this point, you can stretch the image even in the height of the width or upsetting. Pictures such as of a distorting mirror are the result, except that you didn't factor in their own hands and can freely determine.

A pretty cool feature of Clearerzoom is the automatic creation of wallpapers. You can automatically adjust each image processed by you as wallpaper in Windows and so every time the same test whether your changes bring the desired result. There are not more settings at Clearerzoom because the program is first and foremost an image viewer, and since there's not many settings. The images you can with Clearerzoom in the clockwise or counterclockwise in turn and flip horizontally and vertically. All steps are performed immediately and without delay. Clearerzoom using mouse or direct keyboard commands can be operated. Best you try even once Clearerzoom and can convince you of the features. You can call the program right here from our site through the download function.

Features of Clearerzoom:

• Picture viewer
• continuously enlarged images
• no loss of quality
• Auto wallpaper
• Trial version with 15 days trial period
• requires Win2000/ME/XP

Background information on Clearerzoom

The program is a development of the Vidira and available as a trial version.

Description of the version: ClearerZoom

The program ClearerZoom of Vidira offers you an easy to use interface, if you want to make larger bitmap images. The program makes use of highly effective algorithms that should put every competitors according to the manufacturer in the Pocket. You can use the software but also as a simple image viewer, but the zoom function of ClearerZoom is impressive and can be one or the other problem very useful friends.

The most important facts about ClearerZoom:

• Is an image viewer with ease of use and clear interface
• Can enlarge images in bitmap format in very large levels
• Runs on WinMe, Windows2000 and Windows XP

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