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CleanHandlers removes orphaned and damaged file associations from your computer.



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"AutoPlay handler" assignments that are established between a file format and software. If you take, for example, an audio CD in your CD or DVD drive, then a dialog box will open on your computer in the normal case, that suggests programs you, with which you can hear the music contained on the CD. These assignments are made usually when installing any software, in this case a media player, and are traceable or desired from this for the users not always at first glance. You can use CleanHandlers to remove such assignments.

AutoPlay assignments take place not in the sense of the computer user. Many programs create the installation wants to have assignments that the user does not need or do not. CleanHandlers you can detect such assignments and permanently remove from your system. This applies in particular AutoPlay assignments, which were set up by programs you've already uninstalled. Not infrequently, associations between file extensions and no longer existing software are retained. This can cause that music, video or image files are playable no longer easily. CleanHandlers also these remnants of already deleted programs from your system.

Scanning of CleanHandlers examines the installed AutoPlay assignments on two aspects: one is by CleanHandlers determines whether or not the system orphaned "handler" are on, so such, including any associated software is installed, and on the other hand checked CleanHandlers installed assignments on their proper functionality. To support the media also popular music, video, and image file types include audio CDs, CD-Rs and DVDs. With the 'scan and fix' you can remove invalid or defective assignments quickly and easily feature CleanHandlers. CleanHandlers automatically creates a back-up of the corresponding registry entries.

The main features of CleanHandlers:

• Supports DVD, CD, CDr -, video -, audio and image file associations
• Scan for orphaned and broken assignments
• Point-and-click ease
• Creation of scan reports in TXT format
• Runs on Windows XP and Vista
• Easy installation

What does CleanHandlers and on what systems can you use it?

CleanHandlers is a free program that can be downloaded freely here. Although the software according to the developer page of Windows XP and Windows Vista supported CleanHandlers should be but 7 on Windows without having to bring difficulties to walk.

Description of the version: CleanHandlers

The current version of CleanHandlers can convince you with some very practical and sensible innovations. The user interface is very simple, therefore it is also very easy to use. Invalid entries in the registry you can now fix and then automatically delete the invalid AutoPlay handlers. In addition the entries in the list of valid entries are now updated regularly for you.

The most important innovations of the current version of CleanHandlers

• Revised interface with design ansprechenderem
• Üngültige entries are fixed first.
• Invalid handler can be deleted automatically.
• Performing back-ups before the completion of entries

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