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The claviscom Shredder removes reliably redundant files through repeated overwriting.



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claviscom Schredder

If you're using Windows, you should you be clear, that does not completely and irretrievably deletes data from Windows. Even after deleting from Recycle Bin the data exist remains unchanged on disk. The claviscom Shredder ensures that the data is actually deleted. By default, Windows deletes only the reference to the deleted files remain data itself but received. This data is overwritten with the claviscom shredder, and the not only once, but up to 35 times. This ensures that the data with conventional methods can not be restored. The claviscom shredder is a real contribution to the security of your data.

The selection of the data to be deleted by the claviscom Shredder you will meet through Windows Explorer. The claviscom shredder is available as a menu item and can be called via the right mouse button. Using this function, you can collect the data to be deleted and then delete in a single pass with the shredder. Within the application you can add more files to the deletion and also look for temporary files. You can choose the directories, in which temporary files to search for. Furthermore, you have direct access to the Recycle Bin and can delete this about claviscom shredder.

Another feature of the claviscom shredder is the search for duplicates. Here, you can select to search through directories or drives and start a search. The claviscom Shredder also offers the possibility to destroy traces of the Internet directly. Also remains of installation files be deleted reliably with the shredder. Best you try even once the claviscom shredder. You can download directly the trial here from our page about the download function. After the installation, you have full access to all features and can start directly with full delete temporary files, duplicate and Internet traces.

Features of the claviscom Shredder:

• Deletion program
• Erases files and traces of
• To delete data selectable
• Overwrite data up to 35 times
• 30 Day trial
• For Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista

Background information on the claviscom shredder

The claviscom shredder is a service of claviscom Technology GmbH. The company offers various solutions for system security in Windows, as well as for the Internet.

Description of the version: claviscom Schredder

In its current version, the claviscom Shredder ensures an even more reliable deletion of the data on your hard drive. Only the reference in the table of contents is typically deleted by the operating system and not the data itself, are they actually removed from current claviscom shredder from your hard disk. A recovery is no longer possible, so you don't worry have when selling your computer, that your data could be used.

Features of the claviscom Shredder in the current version

• Complete deletion of data on disks.
• Deletes browsing data of different browsers.
• Deletes temporary files on your hard disk.
• Up to 15-faches overwrite the data you want to delete.

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