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The classic PhoneTools 9 gives you telephone with voicemail, fax and E-Mail in a program.



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Classic PhoneTools

Conclusion with the media break between digital and analog communications equipment is finally available! The classic PhoneTools 9 gives you all communication possibilities in the direct access on your PC. Whether you want to send a fax or E-Mail, with the classic PhoneTools 9 is all a solution possible. Other specialized programs that can meet only one task, the classic PhoneTools 9 combines all functions under a surface and eliminates the need to for example your fax machine. You need not more before print to send faxes, and you no longer have to filed also received faxes. You have everything in your computer, digital and that not only for faxes.

With the classic PhoneTools 9, you can manage all of your E-Mail accounts under one interface. Your E-Mail program can also? But it can certainly not directly fax or? With the classic PhoneTools 9 you can choose it, if you have an E-Mail or rather want to send a fax. All your contacts are managed centrally and thus you have the fax number directly in the access and can send the fax with the classic PhoneTools 9 directly from your PC. Whether at home or in the Office, it eliminates the cost of printing and the eventual response to the fax machine. And to the successful delivery, you spend even the wait no longer next to the fax machine, but from your PC. While the classic PhoneTools 9 send your fax, you can continue to work already.

In addition to fax and email, you can use the classic PhoneTools 9 of course also to make phone calls. Microphone and speakers, which today belong to the facilities of each laptop computer, or with a headset. And if you're not there to receive your calls, so the program is also your answering service. The the hardware you installed is detected automatically, so that the installation completes quickly after entering the necessary data, and you can get started.

Features of the classic PhoneTools 9

• Send and receive directly on the PC faxes
• Phone calls in connection with microphone and speakers or headset
• to use the PC as an answering machine
• Efficient management of all contact data
• for Windows 2000, ME, 98 SE, XP, Vista 32-bit
• Trial version available

About classic PhoneTools 9 and the manufacturer

The American company Avanquest is developer of the classic PhoneTools 9. Under this name the company is since 2005; It was founded under the name but in 1984 by Bruno Vanryb and Roger Politis BVRP Software. In the current version, the classic PhoneTools 9 based on the 1995 introduced PhoneTools, which have since become an international bestseller product.

Description of the version: Classic PhoneTools

The new version 9 of the Kommunikationsprogrammes classic PhoneTools offers you both a better user interface and more features and options than previous versions. The number of supported types of modem was updated and extended, in addition you can use the program now also on Windows Vista (32-bit version). Still, the errors and bugs of the previous versions have been removed largely so classic PhoneTools 9 version runs smoother and safer.

The most important innovations of classic PhoneTools in version 9:

• Revised user interface and more features
• Fixed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Also runs on the 32-bit version of Windows Vista

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