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The CK business cards Designer is a program for self-designed business card designs.



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CK Visitenkartendesigner

The CK business cards Designer gives you as a user of a wider spectrum of interesting features at your fingertips. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced in the field of design - the new tools you get extensive options to meet your individual requirements. The CK business cards Designer gives you greater flexibility to use this extensive tool range. Fonts and texts you can make in different colours or with different text types.

Make business cards with CK designer round, wavy or even perspective headings. With the CK business cards designer you can also your text with a matching frame or, if desired with a shading by clicking an own personal touch. For your business cards, you can apply any graphics in bitmap, GIF, JPG, or PNG formats. You can even freely turn self-designed graphics in the program. These graphics you can depending on the desired zoom in and out. The business cards Designer enables to imagine it through its built-in tools, graphical elements in the foreground or background.

Download easily and quickly designer here the CK business cards. Designer click on the download button, and the CK cards a great help will be you in your design of an individual business card. Business cards, the you with the CK business cards designer create, are suitable for printing on normal paper and normal Board.

Interesting and varied features at the CK business card Designer

• Individual design
• Insert graphics
• Intuitive image editing
• Plain paper business cards
• Wallpaper paste
• Creative design with different fonts

Functioning of the CK business card Designer

Individually created cards reveal much about their owner. With the CK business cards designer you're designing with the help of graphics and background images very personal business cards. Did you choose a format, customize the blank business card on the screen, your own taste. In addition to different fonts, the CK cards provides logos such as "Round text" or "Perspective" designer. From an extensive image collection, you can select a background or a colored symbol. Thus, you imbue your card a personal touch. Thanks to a millimetre grid control, you assign the various elements exactly, prints the result of the CK business cards Designer directly from.

Description of the version: CK Visitenkartendesigner

With the CK business card designer you can create more easily your own business card. With the software, you will receive an extensive library with appropriate graphics for your cards. Of course, you can add your own Clipart and edit. Now it's even easier to rotate the images and distort so that they fit better in your design. Also the different fonts can be coloured as desired and dragged.

The most important functions of the CK business card designers

• Equipped with gradients and textures fonts and texts
• Insert graphics, and adjust the text size and alignment
• Intuitive handling

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