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For all individuals and creative, that like any standard desktop, circle dock is a must.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Circle Dock

If you want to customize your desktop to choose of the programs, circle dock is a must for you. A dial which you can run different applications will then appear on the screen. The selection is made thereafter only with the mouse.

Maybe you know even the old phones that had a dial. The principle of circle dock is similar. You can simply rotate the disc with the wheel of the mouse and click on the appropriate application. So dock comes with circle movement on the screen, and you can turn the "wheel of Fortune" as often as you want.

Circle dock is freeware. After downloading you have to restart the computer, and then the application for individual design available to you. However, you should previously change the language set to German. The options menu helps you. With the mouse, you're just all applications and files using the drag -and-drop functionality in the hub. Each operation must be confirmed. You can reach it by clicking on the button "Complete". Then you go already. With the mouse wheel, you select the corresponding icon and start the application. With the different settings, you can make the dial also according to your personal taste. You open the context menu with a right click on the program's user interface. Now you need to just have a little creative. You have the ability to change such as the shape of the dial or the background color. Only light blue is not as great on the duration. Also, you also choose which image you want to have your icons. Which helps you "icon replacement mode". In this mode, you're just new PNG files on the program.

Circle once started dock on your computer, then you can always turn the dial on the F1 key or by clicking the mouse and hide. If you are a little mouse Acrobat or quick clickers, you will have lots of fun with circle dock.

Description of the version: Circle Dock

The author of this creative idea to start the various programs on the dial is Mark Hamilton. Free download of circle dock allows you to customize your Start menu to the desktop. The circular toolbar is customized via the drag -and-drop function of the mouse. Form, color, and background can be altered via the context menu properties. Also the icons using the function "Icons Replacment" can be designed in this version. The F1 key or mouse click the wheel is a - and disappears.

System requirements and application of circle dock

• Reboot after download
• Arrangement of the icons using the drag -and-drop function
• Icons can be customized
• Easy handling with the mouse
• File size: 20 MB
• Operating system: XP, Vista, Windows 7

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