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Cinebench is a good benchmark alternative to test your own PC through its paces.



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With Cinebench, you're able to test the performance of your computer quickly and easily, as well as to check for possible vulnerabilities. The results are then clearly listed friends and compared with other computers.

Cinebench is a free benchmark application, which is based on the well-known radiate Cinema 4 d from Maxon. Cinema 4 d is a well-known and often used a program of graphics to create complex 3D animations. Many well-known Hollywood films, but also television programmes have been implemented by using the software. Because the program is so enormous hardware requirements, Cinebench is designed to quickly and easily to determine whether computer Cinema 4 d are suitable for use.

Cinebench is all graphics and computing processors of your system of various performance tests and determines their conductivity, then represented by using a simple and concise point scale in this way. Also, the tested computer using a ranking is compared to other computers allowing you to compare your computer's built-in CPU and GPU with other machines.

The benchmark tool Cinebench gives you a fast and objective assessment of the performance of your computer. As a result, you're able to determine whether your computer since its purchase power has lost, is still the current state of the art or is prepared for the new, power-hungry programs or games. Cinebench is a successful benchmark alternative to other well-known benchmark programs. The application is freeware and therefore completely free of charge. The program runs on all major Windows systems, as well as on the OSX Rechnern von Apple. Depending on personal preference, the program in different languages is available - for example, in German and English.

Description of the version: Cinebench

The current version of Cinebench offers further improved and optimized benchmark tests, which were adapted to the increased demands of modern computers. For example, Cinebench supports also Windows 64-bit systems, as well as Intel's dual core processors. Not like other benchmark tools that abstract results or check only specific functions, Cinebench offers real results with hand and feet, which are applicable to the real world based on real applications.

The main features of Maxon's Cinebench 11.5 version

• Contains various improved benchmark tests that meet the increased demands of modern computer
• Now supports Windows 64-bit systems
• Now supports the new Intel dual core processors

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