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Scenario writer 1.31 finally brings order in the film collection of every film fans, including yours.



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As a fan you not simply had it without Cineast 1.31. Either you tried itself, to keep track of your collection, or you tinkered together your own movie list is cumbersome. With scenario writer 1.31, the first professional solution to the ever-growing flood of data will now become Mr. Scenario writer 1.31 offers you complete freedom in dealing with the program and the data. Both the surface as well as the built-in functions and scripts by scenario writer 1.31 can be individually adapted to your needs.

Scenario writer 1.31 allows a fast and efficient way, lists, and databases of your film stocks to create and maintain, no matter whether they exist in the form of DVDs, VHS, DIVX, MPEG, video disk, laser disk or 8 mm. The scenario writer 1.31 strengths lie particularly in the creation of stocks. The necessary information from the Internet are with various search functions quickly and systematically read out and insert. Of course, this operation also with Filmcovern, film posters, and similar files of images that are also comfortable to manage with the scenario writer 1.31 let works. The import and export can also easily perform via PDF file, text file, Excel or HTML table.

The program scenario writer 1.31 is available for all Windows operating systems and is optionally available in German or English language. Should you be curious, then download the shareware version by scenario writer 1.31 directly from this site using the appropriate download button down. This version is unlimited, limited the number of database titles but to 30 units.

Scenario writer 1.31 in the overview:

• Easily create own movie lists and databases
• Import and export of PDF, text, Excel or HTML data
• Integrated several search options to filter data from the Internet
• Support for DVD, VHS, DIVX, MPEG, video disk, laser disc and 8 mm
• Individually configurable and extensible with the help of scripts
• Entirely in German or English available

The idea behind scenario writer 1.31

A particular problem is anyone who has a passion. At some point, your collection reaches a size that is no longer overlook with own memory. Especially movie lovers know to sing a song when their movie collections climb a number in the hundreds. In times in which a medium is replaced by the next and VHS tapes to DVDs or Blu-rays stack, the numbers get even into the thousands. Scenario writer 1.31 is in such chaos to the light at the end of the tunnel and the rescue of every cineaste.

Description of the version: Cineast

The current version of the film database scenario writer were you both new features added and fixed a lot of minor bugs. The smaller installation file, some new country flags, compatibility with Windows Vista as the update of the scripts are new. Much more was done in the area of the fixes so that the operation of scenario writer for you has become even safer and more comfortable and known errors no longer occur.

Innovations and improvements in version 1.31 of scenario writer

• There were added some new country flags
• The installation file is smaller than before
• The film database also runs on Windows Vista
• All the scripts have been updated

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