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Chrono is a multi-function stopwatch function on your desktop, which simply and accurately performs measurements.



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No matter whether it is - helps get Chrono to run and compile a program, the measurement of an experiment or a phone call, the time never sight to lose. This software will facilitate your daily life by their accuracy and ease of use, and allows you to manage your time.

The practical multi-function stopwatch function measures the duration of various tasks, so that you have an accurate overview, which operation has cost you time, and also, when it took place. Chrono allows the optimisation of everyday work processes, eliminate time wasters and makes it flexible and quite easy to use. The measurements are exactly up to the hundredth second. Chrono brings this more precise and much professionalism in each measurement.

The program Chrono is always in the foreground of the computer, so a timely start and also an early stop of the measuring process to allow and to ensure an accurate result. The user interface of Chrono is really clearly designed and very easy to use, so that also lay with the software are coping. To further simplify it is even possible to control the Chrono stopwatch using the SPACEBAR and the Enter key - ne after which preference you have. Chrono creates one or more tables of all measured values and allows you to keep the optimal overview of all made and to evaluate operations. Tables created with Chrono can and of course must be saved for a later comparison with other appropriate times to use. Precise control, evaluation can also even in hindsight and analysis of numerous operations carried out, are the basis for accurate reporting.

What is Chrono everything and can

• Timing
• Time
• Reporting
• Analysis of the measurements
• Stop watch

System requirements and background information, to use Chrono

Chrono can be used on all major operating systems: Win95, Win 98SE, win me, win 2000, Win NT, win XP, win 2003. The Chrono file is only 224 KB in size and takes so little storage capacity. Manufacturer of multi function stopwatch was the Informedia designs. The further development was discontinued in the meantime however.

Description of the version: Chrono

The new version Chrono 1.15 remains during use always on top, so that you can control start and stop button at any time. Precisely, you can learn which actions really speed up your PC. With the new graphical solution, you can better keep track of the measurements and more accurately control the functions. Also now automatically creates a table where you can compare the results of your measurements to earlier.

The main functions of the software Chrono 1.15

• Operation with the space bar
• Automatic storage of results
• Continuous visibility in the Vorgergrund
• ease of use of the various functions
• Creating clear tables

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