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ChrisTV Lite is a free and very handy TV-software alternative.



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ChrisTV Lite

ChrisTV Lite is just the right program for you, if you want to can TV finally relaxed on the computer. All functions are grouped together in this easy way for software.

ChrisTV Lite is an outstanding software alternative for you if you don't come along with the control program of your TV card. A TV card in the computer is very useful, but the operation is often desired. So that such problems also for you soon belong to the past, you should familiarize yourself with the many useful features of ChrisTV Lite. Hereby, the enjoyment of television on the computer screen can be increased significantly.

ChrisTV Lite allows you to access your TV card and start an analog tuning. The found TV channel be added to a list of programs, with the sender name and can be called from here in the future. The picture can be adjusted dynamically in the display according to your own tastes, the TV channel can be changed quickly. In addition to these standard features, ChrisTV Lite offers you a number of additional interesting features. You can zoom in the picture, for example, show an on-screen display, that allows the control of video text and similar simple manner, or you start the so-called Mosaic mode that can remove annoying image distortions from the picture.

The developers of ChrisTV Lite
The reception program for ChrisTV Lite computer TV is available free of charge and is offered by the developers of The software is in development for many years and already attracted a large number of users.

Description of the version: ChrisTV Lite

The TV software ChrisTV Lite in the new version 5.62 is extended to many useful functions that help to improve your viewing experience on your computer. The timeshifting function has been significantly improved and equipped with a larger file buffer. The time-delayed television is now much more comfortable possible. For all users of Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 and Windows Vista, whose support has been expanded now. The software works smoothly with these systems.

ChrisTV Lite now has a better timeshifting.

• The size of the file at the timeshifting has been enlarged
• Better support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
• Improved image quality during TV playback

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