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Christmas crisis is a nice pastime and no high demands on your skills.



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Christmas Crisis

You are not Santa but with Christmas crisis, but play a fairy/n, but that does not detract from the fun of the game. You fly with the Santa's sleigh over a city and try to deliver the gifts to the homes. While you need to deliver a certain number of gifts to the successful completion of a level. You can't, the level in Christmas crisis is lost and Christmas will not take place. While you need not very accurate targeting for the dropping of packets, but something like this should be in the target.

The control of Christmas crisis via the keyboard, or a combination of mouse and keyboard, with the dropping of the gifts is then performed with the left mouse button. Otherwise you deliver from the packages with a click on the space bar. As target help you a little red cross available, which should be at the dropping of the package as directly as possible through a House with Christmas crisis. You're too far away, a house you will not meet unfortunately. Luckily the gift packages do not run out, so that a letter for Christmas crisis is a big problem. The number of packets to be delivered rises it level by level. There are still 39 packages, in the first level of Christmas crisis are in the second already 75.

In addition makes it difficult your task at Christmas crisis is you by oncoming aircraft, with which you may not come together. Fly this to start very slowly and in small numbers through the playing field of Christmas crisis, it become more and more, with progressive game so that it can be quite once closely. Best you even trying out the free freeware and download Christmas crisis right here from our page about the download function to you.

Features of Christmas crisis:

• Skill game
• Distribute the Christmas gifts
• To reach 70% to save Christmas
• Do not push together with the aircraft
• Freeware
• For Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

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Christmas crisis is a development of the Canadian company Koingo Software. Since its inception in 1994, the company offers solutions for companies and individuals. The unusual name is a word creation of the founder Josh Hague from his childhood. Originally used by him to secure laughs, was it such a thing as a family landmark and finally the name of a successful software company.

Description of the version: Christmas Crisis

The worst case scenario has occurred in the computer game Christmas crisis: Santa Claus is ill! Where not even legendary chicken soup has helped Ms. Claus, your help is needed. Some elves available provided you with which you have to throw the presents into the chimneys as quickly as possible. The new version 1.3.7 is now even more stable and some bugs have been fixed.

How to play the computer game of Christmas crisis

• Santa Claus has become ill and you have to save the party.
The gifts into the chimneys throw • quickly.
You saved Christmas with a success rate of over 70%.

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