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Molecules draw and represent in 3D - ChemSketch makes it easily possible.



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Who deals with chemistry, which must be familiar with molecules. ChemSketch allows the three-dimensional representation of molecules and is used by chemists and companies worldwide.

The ChemSketch executable on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 is offered as freeware, should not be used but with a chemistry set for beginners. The programme is aimed especially at people who work intensively with chemicals, and is therefore in companies as well as for researchers to use. But also for the school and study, ChemSketch is a great tool that is very useful for the representation of various molecules in 3D form.

With just a few mouse clicks you can assemble different molecular chains and three-dimensional display it to you. It is a well-known molecule chain, so it is named correctly from ChemSketch. As a result of not just low entry threshold, you should be already familiar with the chemical bases, will have but a lot of fun with ChemSketch. Although the program in English is written, you will already have everything under control after a short familiarization and realize the great benefits.

The here offered download consists of several parts. On the one hand, you get the actual ChemSketch, which you can use to paint the molecules directly by using the mouse. The 3D viewer allows the 3D view from various perspectives and ChemBasic with C + HNMR-Viewer, which suggests the molecule construction on the basis of the NMR method. If you're so interested in chemistry, you should familiarize yourself with ChemSketch. Because it can happen to you if you do the chemistry to your profession, that you will later meet the tool. ChemSketch is not a toy, but a professional solution?

Description of the version: ChemSketch

In particular the data base was greatly expanded with the current version of ChemSketch. You access to 30,000 known structures and over 165,000 known names and registration numbers with this version. The operation of the tools for changing the size and rotation of the views has been simplified so that the operation is similar to the other programs. With the new version, the entire appearance of ChemSketch can be adapted to the look of your Windows desktop.

Features of the current version of ChemSketch

• Draw chemical molecules with the mouse
• Representation of the molecules in different 3D views
• 30,000 known structures and more than 165,000 associated names and labels available
• Adaptable to the appearance of the Windows desktop

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