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Chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word is a tool for the presentation of chemical formulae.



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Chemie Add-in für Microsoft Word

With the expansion pack, chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word is the insertion of chemical formulas or symbols in the texts now easily for you. You won't be long to think about how you are these special characters, but by clicking on the corresponding icon.

In times of computer technology laptops be used in school, studying or in training frequently for the acquisition of the teaching content. So far, you had there also problems to insert chemical formulas in texts or to represent the structure of a molecule in 2D. This problem has caused Microsoft new tool of chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word for you. The expansion pack contains various molecules. You can display it or simply add new connections.

Prerequisites for the use of this extension is of course that you are installing chemistry add-in for Microsoft on your computer. Did you that successfully, you can add various symbols or views of the molecules from the "Insert" menu. The handling is very easy and will facilitate considerably the work. When must the already given 2D of the molecules are not sufficient you and you create a new molecule connection, then chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word helps you also. You simply add this link, where you enter the name. If you call the item "Convert to Chemistry zone" in the context menu, then forgive the proper nomenclature name. As well, this feature allows you attach the Trivialnamens or the creation of a 2D view.

If you are a student or an apprentice in a profession of the chemical industry, then you will know quickly appreciate the benefits that has to offer the tool chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word. However, the tool is ideal not only for the training. If you are active in the research, or as a chemist, this tool is an ideal aid for your results.

Description of the version: Chemie Add-in für Microsoft Word

The chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word is a extension for the formula editor. This is complemented with other scientific and mathematical functions. With the new tool, you can then paste chemical structures and the corresponding data in a document. In this version, you also have the opportunity to show you the molecules in 2D view. Some molecules are already stored. You have now the ability to add new links added. With the context menu "Convert to Chemistry zone" that's easy for you.

System requirements and principles of chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word

• Operating system Vista or Windows 7
• Is the tool on englsisch, so language skills
• Footprint 11.5 MB
• Freeware, so free download
• Microsoft Word

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