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CheckDisk is a tool that is easy to use and offers standard and complete check etc.



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CheckDisk is an easy to use tool to crawl the hard disk for errors. It extends the Windows command-line utility CHKDSK through a graphical user interface. Moreover, Checkdisk MBT can repair and much more.

CheckDisk is miles ahead in terms of ease of use similar tools, such as CHKDSK or scandisk. This is mainly on the graphical user interface, which allows you to easily run the program. The software is available in English and German, and works on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. The tool searches your hard drive HD error and fixed it then. While the hard drive type, no matter that CheckDisk works with the common types such as RAID, SCSI, IDE and USB. In addition, the tool from a USB stick or a CD works. With CheckDisk, you can choose between two search options: the standard and the complete check. The default check is equivalent to checking the Windows program Chkdsk. The complete check individually searchable all sectors on the disk. Bad sectors are then tagged and can be fixed immediately on your request with the software. Moreover, CheckDisk is the only program that can repair corrupted master boot table (MBT).

CheckDisk is provided free of charge you with us. Just click on the download button and the download begins.

Background information about CheckDisk
The German software developer Dirk Paehl has programmed this software. This, the program should not be confused with Chkdsk. This is a command-line program and is included by default in Microsoft Windows. It also checks disk file system errors, is not nearly as rich as CheckDisk.

Description of the version: CheckDisk

The latest version 1.20 of CheckDisk is waiting for you with some improvements. Fixed minor bugs in the software programmer Dirk Paehl. In addition, the latest version is now also multilingual available. Now, you can call the program so in English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian. For the latest version of CheckDisk multiple optimization tasks have been completed, which facilitate the ease of use to you. In addition, support has been improved the Windows Vista.

The latest features for CheckDisk 1.20

• Some improvements
• Minor bugs have been fixed
• Multilingual: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish
• Several optimizations were performed
• Windows Vista support now improved

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