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CheatBook issue gives a monthly updated list of cheats for video games.



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CheatBook Issue

CheatBook issue includes a monthly update for the CheatBook database, which provides cheats and gameplay tips for numerous video games for the computer, as well as for various video game consoles.

Regardless of whether you are a passionate computer players or whether you only occasionally trying in a video game - it can happen to anyone, even you, that you simply can't continue. In such cases the fun increases sometimes, because no one place can help you. But there are solutions. You can search in the Internet for cheats - but easier and faster, when you use CheatBook issue.

Here can you get monthly many tips and tricks for all known video games and can let such tools to unlock you, which provide more entertainment or but you can give you a hint for a particularly difficult puzzle. So you make it perhaps, to look at the situation from a different angle and ultimately alone to get the solution. Or but you want to increase temporarily the financial resources a manager game, to have access to advanced alternatives.

CheatBook issue can be used in combination with the Cheatbook database. This includes more than 2,000 games cheats, and thanks to the monthly updates, you're always up to date. Should it happen that you know a cheat that does not appear in the CheatBook issue, it is also possible to integrate the keyboard shortcut in the list by hand. Another option is to use CheatBook issue independently of the database. The various games of any genre appear in a list, which is organized according to the first letter. If you click on a name, so all the cheats available appear. The presentation is relatively simple, yet is clearly designed the program.

Description of the version: CheatBook Issue

The latest version of CheatBook issue is with Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win me, Win 95, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible. With a size of 2.6 MB consumes relatively little space on the computer. Cheats, tips and tricks for numerous games of every genre for the computer and various game consoles will be made available. Here, the list is kept up-to-date through the monthly updates always on high so that no wishes stay open for Avid computer gamers.

What's new in WinBook 04/2011 at a glance:

• Compatible with Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win me, Win 95, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Compact size 2.6 MB
• Cheats for many current computer and console games

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